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Updated: Aug 27, 2023

Unfortunately, due to the absolute fun that is life. I've made several mistakes on my romance novel. Mistakes that I didn't notice until literally a day before the final day to upload.

Hopefully I can fix them all before the due time. But this final month has been a truly terrible time. Not to mention the bad copies went up on netgalley. OH THE FUN.

A lesson learned once is often learned again. Even if I must learn it because of a different set of circumstances.

While I am proud of the novel. I am not proud of the state it is in. So I'll be giving it away for FREE after its launch date. A work / life balance is a hard thing to manage when things change so much.

But even disheartened. I still intend to continue writing. I MUST finish 4 more books to achieve my goal. Hopefully I can manage my time better and perhaps avoid all the pit falls that I've experienced in this current production.


Amazon seems to be a bit harder to continue to have free ebooks. I think I'll have to write more before I can add more there. But Love on Blast Ebook, will be free on other sites, since I can control that more directly. A few weeks after launch, I'll bring the price down to 99 cents.

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