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Current Writing Plans

I'm trying to make sense of my writing process. Which I think is really passion-based. I write what projects I happen to feel the most drawn to at the time of completion of the current novel. So my Passion projects in order at the moment are:

1:Queens Kings and Monsters -- Book 3 (Currently in the beta-reader stage)

2: Every Student -- Book 2 (About 30% done -- I'm writing more mystery stuff. It is not fun and hurts my brain. Is it a twist, or is it my brain giving up and going into derp mode?)

3: A Sherlock Homes Reimagining --Book 1 (I've had this idea in my head for about a year or so of a Sherlockian story, So I'm going to try to write something there and see how it turns out.)

4: A Romance Novel -- Book 1 (For some reason, I really wish to try and write in the romance genre. And since I'm a glutton for punishment, I figure, why the F not. Let's give it a try.)

5: Another Fantasy Novel -- (There are actually three different books I can write here. I'll just need to see which one I'm the most passionate about when the time comes to start writing it.)

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