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Finished my Romance Novel

As the title says. I have mostly finished my journey through Romance-Landia. And the experience was something else. I will not say that it was easy or fun, but it was interesting writing in a genre that doesn't fit me like a glove.

Currently, I am in the editing process of it, and I'm finding out that editing a romance novel differs greatly from editing a fantasy novel. I am looking for different things to highlight and strengthen in the novel than I would a fantasy.

But hopefully, I'll have finished the editing process in about a two weeks. (Editing is slow on this one.) Then I'll ship it out to the beta readers and have them give me insight on what I could do better.

This will be book number 6, out of my 10 book journey.

So what will book number 7 be? Well, whatever idea has the strongest pull on me when this novel is circling through the hands of the beta readers.

Woo hoo --- 4 more books to go.

The writing trail continues. CHOO CHOO.

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