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Finished the zero draft of EVERY STUDENT has a SECRET #2

Okay, So I'm currently finishing the first round of self edits of the book. It's currently about 112k, but a few things still need to be ironed out. And a spicy scene needs more spice.

But one thing that I think is cool is how much I have improved as a writer in my ZERO DRAFTS. Surprisingly, the first two chapters weren't riddled with errors. Yes, there was the occasions miss spelling or odd word out, but it's nothing compared to how bad my Zero Drafts were before.

Am I experiencing competence? Are the miracles of the word flowing through my fingers? Probably not, but either way. Less work is less work. I have one of the covers done and my happy artist fellow is working on the other cover.

I'll show those off when everything is complete and I am able to slap it on a book cover.

Also: My next book looks like it's going to be my romance novel. I'm super excited to write what will essentially me setting my house on fire.

My adventures in writing HOT GARBAGE continues.

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