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Fixing a badly edited book

This has been the most humbling experience.

Typically, I have an order in which I edit my novels. I followed that process with both my fantasy novels; the reception has been great for the most part. It is an editing process in which a follow a certain number of steps, and it leads to a polished product. There might be the occasional word mishap, but for the most part, they are minimal.

Well, for my Dark Academia novel. I broke out of my editing process in order to meet a certain deadline. And that was a huge mistake. I got the novel edited, and I even did self-edits. And even then, it was a total shit show that I released.

I then fixed it and released it.

Well, here I am, trying to write the second novel in the series, and I open the first book to make sure there is consistency between the novels. Well, during the re-read of the first novel, I still found a multitude of errors in the novel, so here I am editing it once again. Trying my best to make it as readable as possible.

It took a month, but finally, I think I have gotten the book where it needs to be. What an absolute mess I put myself in with that book. And a lesson has been learned. I promised myself to properly edit and re-edit my novels before they ever EVER see the light of release from now on.

Now perhaps I saw all these new mistakes because I am a better writer after writing four novels. But either way, I don't think I will ever be a super popular author, but I'll be dammed if I also myself to be a shitty author who doesn't properly edit their novels. I need to have my novel readable.

If you somehow are reading this and wish to read a copy of my novel. Buy the E-Book or Barnes and Nobel Hardback novel. The Amazon paperback and hardback may send you an older, badly edited version that is still sitting on a shelf somewhere.

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