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Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Very rarely do I make a mistake this huge.

A while ago I uploaded my arc of Every Student has a Secret for NetGalley after my editor finished with the novel and I went over it. So after deciding it was okay, I uploaded it to Netgalley.

Well, it turns out I uploaded a tester ebook version instead of the actual edited novel. This version is unedited and missing about 30k words of the final version of the novel.

I'm okay with writing shitty novels since I write for an audience of one. But it's absolutely unacceptable to release a novel that is riddled with spelling and grammar errors.

I want my silly books to be easily readable.

Thankfully, these were just the arc's, and not the versions that were on sale. The sad truth is I would have never have figured this out if I didn't finally check the reviews of the arcs and people constantly mentioning the spelling and grammar errors and telling me that I needed an editor.

Which made me think, "But I have an editor. Did I just proofread badly?" Nope, I'm just an idiot who uploaded the wrong version.

Now with that being said. The story and themes in the novel that may have caused a reaction of uncomfortableness to the readers. Those are still there. The story is the same, it's just actually readable now. (If anything, those extra 30k words just made the story darker.)

I write dark, uncomfortable, and silly stuff.

But I do apologize to anyone who read my arc of Every Student has a Secret and it was riddled with errors.

While a few typos here and there are acceptable and expected, that trash mess that I uploaded to NetGalley was certainly not.


And apparently I forgot to include page numbers on the paperback and hard back. I have fixed it now. But wow, I have been absolutely shit during the publication of this novel.

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